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 421 - Drinking Game 1.2.0

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A cool and funny game for your future parties. Laughter guaranteed, unforgettable parties, "421" is crazy and full of funny challenges.

Type in players’ names, choose a theme and "421 the drinking game" takes care of everything! If you end up having the worst score, you will have to either drink or face a challenge (featured in the pack or written by your friends) !

This new drinking game, brings the dice game "421" to your smartphones to light up your parties with as much alcohol as laughter!
No matter what kind of player you are (careful , hardcore, shy or even a noob), this drinking game is fun for everyone and playable all night long !
Let yourself be guided and forget about complex rules. This drinking game differs from the old classic drinking games: Bottle Game, Truth or Dare, Have you Ever, In my Package, Beer Pong, Caps, Pyramid, Horse run, King’s mug, Dealer…
The 421 Drinking Game is straightforward, the different themes like “Fun”, “Hot” and “Hardcore” will allow you to have fun in many different ways with friends, with a feel, challeges and alcohol consumption based on your chosen category.

This new drinking game makes you drink as much as you desire (beer, wine, vodka, rhum, tequila, cocktails, champagne or any other liquor…) or if you think you had enogh already, take up a challenge and have fun with your friends

This game has not forgotten those of you who don't want to drink! Take milk, orange juice, soda or even water and participate. In order to balance the fun you will have with your heavier drinking friends, there are amusing challenges for you too!

The fun part is, you can also propose your own challenges inside the game. (Revenge is a dish best served cold!)

Get a drink and your friends and let the party begin!

But bare in mind: Heavy drinking and alcohol abuse are bad for your health and can pose a danger to others too. Be responsible grown-ups and drink with moderation.
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