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 Angry Crab 1.5


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Angry Crab is a fast-paced arcade game in which you have to connect bombs get points, break blocks to gain gems and save birds to get power ups.

[Game Lore]

In a place called Zenthuria a group of animals decided to coexist in peace. Different species live in there and each race have a place that they can call their own.

The Crabs were chosen as the Guardians of Zenthuria, they believe it is the most powerful army of all times because they have the Bird soldiers by their side. The leader of the guardians is called "Ancient Crab" which is the first Crab in the universe.

Zenthuria is facing an Attack from pirates, they came from "Balados", a place full of evil creatures.The Bird soldiers fought bravely against the pirates but got defeated and were taken as prisoners.

Help the Guardians rescue the Bird soldiers and protect Zenthuria.

[How to Play]

* Tap or hold both left and right side of the screen to destroy blocks
* Connect bombs to get score
* Save birds to fill up your power up bar
* Break blocks to collect gems


* Easy to play hard to master strategic
* Fast-paced action to challenge your reflexes
* Various Power Ups to destroy your foes
* Many Skins to unlock
* Achievements
* Leader boards to compete against your friends
* Cute HD Graphics
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    4. 11. 2017

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    Homunculus Games

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