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From the makers of articulation, sounds and alphabet essentials, here’s our first Augmented Reality based app; The AR Talking Cards. In the AR Talking Cards app we have taken flash cards and interactive learning closer to reality, by introducing Augmented reality that makes images and content on the flash cards pop right in front of your screens.

All you need to do is to
• Download and print pre-coded image sheets from our website
• Cut them with scissors so that they look like normal flash cards.
• Open the AR Talking Card app on your phones or tablets (after installation)
• Just hover the device over any one of your chosen flash cards
• And witness your flash cards come to life
What AR Talking Cards app does is that it uses special programming to scan and read the images present on the cards and brings a life like 3d shape of the same image in front of you by using augmented reality.
With over 4 categories of object sheets to download and scan from, AR Talking Cards introduces a new way of interactive learning.

You can download all 4 AR Sheets of our Interactive AR Talking Cards 4D app. Each pdf book includes different Augmented Reality pages, with beautiful images.

From Animals to Vehicles, Alphabets to Numbers, kids have everything they need to play and see the cards pop out these images with sounds. AR talking Cards App is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.


• Beautifully 3D rendered Animals, Vehicles, Alphabets and Numbers to help your toddler or preschooler learn the object with its sound and name.
• Interactive 3D rendered images that let you capture every angle of the object/animal or shape.
• The images are complete with sounds of animals, numbers, and letters based on what card you scan
• You can also hear the sounds again and also pronunciation in case you are practicing letters.
• And also screenshot the images of 3d rendered objects which will look like amazing optical illusions.


Download the card sheets only from our website, and we suggest you print and cut them into flash cards. The printouts can either be color or black or white, both will showcase same results.

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