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Nevertheless, there are some points of light twinkling in the murk that mainly come from the source material bringing the fabled heroes together.
The story is based on two well-known storylines: Secret War and Civil War.
A number of excellent prerendered cutscenes bring the imaginative plot to life and, more importantly,
force you to make an important choice a short ways into the game.
You see, our bastions of justice are split into two camps over a newly established law coercing superheroes into officially registering with the US government.
Your decision impacts how the middle portion plays and which heroes from the sizeable roster you can include in your team of four before the two branching paths meet again for the final act.
The game story is a great idea and, in theory, should provide a good reason to return for a second round to see what you missed if you were to have chosen differently.
However, this bifurcated story is diminished by simplistic storytelling that fails to involve you with its characters.
The thoughtful plot is thinned out by shockingly few (and sparsely written) character conversations in between missions--none of which involve multiple dialogue options, let alone ones.
The first half hour of the game introduces you to all you'll need to know to get you through the missions.
From an isometric camera view, you lead a team of four Avengers Attack Aliens ultimate stars through hordes of expendable henchmen,
occasionally taking detours to perform simple tasks or solve puzzles.
You lead one character at a time while the other three are controlled by the AI,
though you can easily switch to other characters on your team in an instant.
By hammering on buttons, you string standard attacks into combos that might trip or stun your foes.
Each hero can eventually perform four different superpowers, and depending on your hero, you can jump, double jump, fly, or even teleport.
Unfortunately, the AI-controlled heroes are a real drag on the proceedings.
They often stand around doing nothing in the midst of big fights and boss battles,
so you may find yourself screaming at the Incredible hulk to stop talking about smashing and actually do it.
In a boss fight in which you must destroy a particular object within a time limit, the AI's refusal to help out is even more infuriating.
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