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The first place in the diet of Azerbaijanis is bread (head to head). It is prepared either in a saja (the pan is on the contrary, without walls and convex, is put on fire), or in tandyr (oven on the inner walls of which are damp cakes). Home recipes of Azerbaijani bread are mentioned before our era. These are pita (fetir), yuha, cherei (tzedir cherei), appek.

The second on the use and the first on popularity a dish the most tasty salads is a zombie kitchen of pilaf. Prepare it in a hundred ways - with meat and Azerbaijani music without meat, with fruits, an abundance of spice food lulia kebab (they must emphasize the taste of the main products and not stand out), greens, game. There is here Azerbaijani cuisine and sweet pilaf. бозбаш At us they will like children. Tourists are very praised by the pilots of this country.
A climate favorable for plant growth provides the population with vegetables and herbs. This is the basis of salads, soups, side dishes and snacks.
Sweets - a special branch of cooking in Azerbaijan. Their three main types - on flour, caramel cuisine zombie recipes of Armenian cuisine and similar to candy. Everyone knows flour baklava. It is prepared as follows: the lyula extracting dough with an abundance of butter is shifted by layers with a honey-nut filling, filled with creamy-honey sauce, cut into rhombuses and baked. It is decorated with a nut. Very tasty dessert!
Meat Armenian cuisine - lamb and game, hot cuisine - soups, variety Abkhazian cuisine, dumplings, kebabs, snacks - kukyu (like scrambled eggs and frittata), fisinjan, ajapsandali.
This country is very rich in recipes and tasty dishes!
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