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 Baby Stats 5.0

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Now Flic buttons are supported for even easier tracking!

Baby stats is an app that makes it easy to track stats for your baby.

Also available in the Alexa skill store, and Google Home! Track all your babies stats that you can do on your phone with your voice, and have them sync together!

In your pre-natal classes, and during postpartum, you will be told that doctors require you to track certain statistics for your baby for each day wet diapers, stool diapers, and feedings for several months, which is used to detect if there are any problems with your new baby. At every appointment, the first thing they will ask you is how many counts in the last 24 hours. At lactation they will ask you how often you have been feeding the baby. You could try and track these using pencil and paper. But why go through all the trouble. Pull up this app and press a button and your counts will be tracked. No complicated UI, no complicated stats. Just simple, cross platform, accurate, stat tracking for your baby.

You can share your stats simply by entering an ID generated for you by the application. NO LOGIN required. We won't ask you for your email, babies name, date of birth, due date or anything. As soon as you open the app it will start tracking, and you can share with another device in 3 clicks.

In addition to tracking in this app you can also track on:
1. On any device with a browser: https://www.baby-stats.com/viewer.html
2. On an Alexa powered device.
3. Google Home
4. iOS (coming soon!)
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