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Having a garden inside a home dwelling may be a significant necessity for now. The existence of a home garden can be a cooling room and additional beauty for your own home.
Especially for those of us who live in dense urban areas that are rare to meet green land, we must create a green space for the natural facet in the residence can be created.

Simple Tips to Set Back Garden Modern Minimalist Home

1. Choose Different Types of Plants
One thing that is crucial of a garden is the existence of plants. Without plants or plants a garden can not be called a garden. In order to design your modern minimalist backyard garden look alive and rich in color, give some kind of plants in your garden. It does not matter how much you plant, but what matters is the variety of plants you need. You can choose plants in one type or different types of plants.

You can also manage the plants you need in accordance with the area or space behind your garden. Note also about safety because some plants such as cacti and other thorny plants are not safe for children. You can contact the nearest plant and flower seller to find out which plants are suitable for your home.

2. Hanging and Replanting Plants On The Wall
This is one way to get around the limited land for the park behind your house. There are various types of vines that you can choose. If you do not really like the vines because it is considered too shady, you can try to make high-rise shelves and pot hangers to place potted plants.

3. For Some Plants Be Some Segments
The minimalist garden will feel more spacious when you divide it into several small segments. Each part you can give one or several types of plants. And some segments can be separated by paths or streams of water. With the right settings, a minimalist garden will look beautiful and spacious

4. Providing Hard Materials as a Balancing Plant
In accordance with the previous tips, that you can divide the park into separate small pieces. It also provides benefits for you to add materials other than plants and soil. You can arrange the stone stones or pieces of ceramics as a way. This hard material will precisely balance the park and make it look more natural. you can also add wooden or iron poles as buffer material for

5. Giving a Touch of Different Colors on Plants
Arranging the park is the same as arranging the interior and home decor. You also have to pay attention to the color elements to make the park feel more beautiful and look alive. The main ingredients of a garden are dominated by green and brown color from the ground, but you can also add a touch of other colors are bright. You can take advantage of flowers and leaves that have different colors. Planting media such as pots you can give a touch of colors to make it more beautiful.

6. Providing Water Elements In The Park
The last tip is to give the water element to the garden. You can create a fish pond or fountain, and if the land is very limited you can make water flow on the sidelines of the park. In addition to good for plants, the water element in the garden will also give the impression of life.

That's the tips in designing the garden behind the house. Hopefully useful for you in designing modern garden backyard.

To facilitate you in designing the garden behind the modern house. This application provides examples of images in designing a beautiful garden back nan cool.

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