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 Banana Minion Adventure Run : Legends Rush 3D 1.0


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Subway Banana surf rush Legends Run 3D: Best game 3D ever for 2018.
With the Yellow miniono, the best Boss Ever in the world 2018, with this hero, you can attack the evil miniono and save the miniono thanks to mower miniono and meet the miniono in the world ‘s greatest Villain. Try to fight with the Frankenstein Miniono and undercover super spices. Also, you will discover the Santa Miniono who is hiding from the Vampire Miniono Subway. The Cro Miniona and Gru will beat them down because they are incredible in the movie of Minioni and like castle and subway suffer run or Castle, try to win the gold banana within the tunnel and the rival. This is really incredible, funny game and It’s for free!!!! In this game, it’s no use to get a guide, because in this game, you did not need a guide to be pro or to beat the bad miniono down.
Subway Banana minioni surf rush, Rush and Dash. Christmas in villain, on banana miniona Blu-ray legends rush on Banana subway rush 3D in Villain Christmas collecting the bananas in rush as many as you can with super mower in Villain! Hostile arrows and wild animal attacks; outrun the flying guardian as you dash in craziness air Heads Christmas, slide, swim, attack of the evil Miniono rush and spin your way through the castle rewards. Can you survive as far as you could and escape from the angry gorilla. Banana adventure legends rush in this Christmas or Halloween. Enjoy the yellow Mower Miniona Banana subway rush 3D kidnapped on this subway jungle with minioni and be careful subway and attack of the evil Miniona. jetpack in banana Agnes! Try Banana adventure rush with yellow Mower miniono kidnapped baby Funny Mower Miniona, attack of the evil Minioni. Download this super addicted game cheats rush on Gru miniono and Cro Miniona jungle and start playing on hoverboard and skateboard for Gru minioni and Cro Miniono! Available for every fan of Yellow minioni rush, jungle adventure, runner through obstacles and bananas. Gru Cro miniono in Halloween and attack of the evil Miniona. This is the best boss ever. This fun and fast rush game cheats peace experience in yellow Gru Cro miniono jungle escape and save them from the bed time. Do not get lost in jungle bandicoot, the guardian monster Frankenstein Minioni and various tricky trap while you are running in Halloween or Christmas. Miniony Madness this is the best boss ever in the miniono Villain. Incredible me Game in banana Villain and Gru banana in Gru Miniono.
Banana Subway Gru Rush 3D is the new game cheats with bob, Ballet and B Roll that is going to impress all banana Agnes fans and also the lovers of the yellow miniono and Cru. yellow miniono character stickers. You have to surf dash and rush hoverboard, skateboard or even jetpack and the maximum if gold bananas the rival and castle. Run, jump dash and rush into the subway gold and tunnel like if you are a hero of banana 2 Agnes to beat the rival and your friend’s scores. the cute bananas and to be in banana Agnes, the jetpack or the skateboard. Run the subway and avoid obstacles. Surf rush and dash with the hoveboard or jetpack to collect bananas in Villain. Be the hero, the best minioni the villain of Banana Subway Rush 3D. Banana miniono subway legend rush. extreme Banana rush! full control in your adventure game miniono subway to be the best super miniono hero winner on subway. Acrobatics miniona game. Rival minioni. Subway Banana subway adventure rush, dash, run and surf as minion winner and rival! The best runner game with cute character and much love for bananas.
How to Play Banana adventure rush legend run:
1-Just up the screen and Flash jump on Banana subway rush 3D.
2-Collect the Bananas in banana miniono subway rush surfing 3D.
3-Run to the end to complete levels and be the super banana best hero for this 3D game of miniono banana Agnes rush
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