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Battery checker

The battery is not enough battery is a problem to distract the smartphone users. Because of the thinness of the machine, the manufacturer can not add more battery life. The choice of the user, so we just carry. Power Bank or not find a way to save yourself.

This battery checker app is a free on your phone which helps you to economize your battery charge and provides a longer battery life.Battery Checker is a app that will help you.Battery checker helps you scan and diagnostic all services that are consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, High screen brightness, Screen timeout etc.

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1. Adjust the brightness of the screen to dark. As we can play comfortably. Battery time saver and optimizer, battery charger booster, super fast battery charging booster
Especially indoor use in the office 60-80% brightness is considered good.

2. Turn off vibration.
The vibration that consumes more energy than thought. Whether it vibrates from the app from the call, if we do not usually use vibration to warn. (Focus on the main sound). Vibration shutdown will help to save energy.

3. Set the screen to 15-30 seconds.
The screen saver (where the phone is off screen), the less you set it, the more battery life.

4. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, Wifi. Always unused time
These wireless antennas help. Save a lot Especially the GPS off. I do not believe in GPS. The battery is running water, of course, so if you do not use it and want to save the battery to lose it. I do not use it to close it is not damaged.

5. Close the unused background apps.
Getting back to the homepage with the home button Not to close the app we use. And many apps, even in the background, but it consumes the power of the machine constantly (especially games to squint). Close the program. Do not hit home, then leave the app behind. It consumes batteries.

If our smartphone has a power saving mode, it can help a lot. We recommend that only when we want to reduce energy consumption. In this mode it limits the use and brightness of the screen automatically quite a lot. May not be easy.
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