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Betta fish type based on the shape:

1. Halfmoon
Halfmoon or a moon piece, as the name implies, halfmoon betta fish species have fins and tails that seem to fuse in a semicircle. More like this halfmoon betta fish
When viewed from the side, halfmoon fish fins are shaped like the next moon, usually a tail with a fused fins showing more value.

2. Serit (crown tail)
Crown tail is one of the breeder species from Indonesian breeders in Slipi, Jakarta. Crown Tail or crown tails, so called because if the tail is turned upwards it will resemble the king's crown. This serit fish can be worldwide because of the beauty of its unique and distinctive tail.

3. Game (plaque)
Betta plaque is smaller and tends to look buntek or short. Betta plaque is much-loved because it may be unique, cute and funny. In addition to being used as ornamental fish betta fish is commonly used for fighting or fighting.

4. Cagak (double tail)
Betta fish like half-moon bucket, the tail is half-circle and fused with the fins, but the hook-boned or double-tailed fish is divided into two or rags.

5 Giant (raksaksa)
The uniqueness of giant betta fish is the size of the body. The size of the body can be 3 times the size of the normal betta fish. This fish is developed by breeder from Thailand.

6. Wild Betta
Wild betta is a kind of native betta fish that exist in nature and has not done crossing and genetic engineering. Usually found in swamps, ditches and rice fields.

How to distinguish between male and female betta fish
Males: swim swiftly, have wide fins and tails expanding, bright colors lit up, bigger body.
Females: his movements are slower, have shorter fins and tails, have a duller color, his body is smaller.

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