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BHive is the internal communication platform for Tablez, Twenty14 Holdings, and Lulu Exchange employees. This platform is inspired by the company philosophy, which gives importance to intra-personnel synergy as the means to achieve the group’s mission objectives. Its mechanism is designed to mimic a beehive: an internal structure that functions as an interlinked community group.
BHive, as would a beehive, generates a buzz, a call to attention. In the real world, the beehive is a highly fascinating and remarkably organized society, constantly buzzing with activity. This inspiring collaborative, co-working model ensuring the survival of the colony is the most accurate analogy for today’s workplace. The queen bee, male drones, and female worker bees play specific roles and accomplish tiny but diverse tasks with pin-point precision. There is a clear division of labour and every bee must carry out their own duties and co-operate with one another for survival. Maintaining the buzz, in short a heightened state of communication, is vital to such cooperation.
Incorporating social media features, BHive is a swift and convenient solution for employees on the move to share, engage and collaborate as a family. They can share everyday experiences - achievements, contributions, trends, and updates - in a seamless blend of text, images, audio and video. With everyone on the same page, this will inspire a conversation buzz that will nurture the company culture, leading to a positive work atmosphere and maximum productivity.
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