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This app has been developed to train people with insufficiency of convergence or insufficiency of

divergence. Refer to the instructions given by your optometrist regarding the times to train and how

to operate.

Exercise convergence and divergence, for convergence you must converge your eyes closer than the

distance where the device is placed (25cm recommended. For people over 45-50 years it is

advisable to wear the glasses used for reading) even by helping with a pen held in the centre closer

to the eye, concentrating to form a third central (brownish) virtual circle.

Once you get it you have to focus the letters and concentrate to see the small central black circle in

relief (closest to you) like a 3D effect.

Hold that image for 5 seconds and then relax looking farther away.

After 5 seconds, start over again (do not remove the pen if it has been used to help you find the

position immediately).

For divergence, the opposite is true, look beyond the device to form the third brunette virtual circle

as mentioned above. This time the pen cannot be used.

Hold the third virtual image for 5 seconds and then relax looking at the device plane. After 5

seconds start over again. This time the central black circle will be seen in deep (farther away from

you), again like a 3D effect.

App Procedure:

• Set the level by using the + or - buttons, remember the final level to resume the next day.

• Choose whether to use small or large circles. In the latter case tick the box "Ring Size x 2". The

big circles are good at the beginning and for presbyopes.

• Set the minutes you want to devote to exercise (1 to 6 mins), by pressing the selector indicating

the number 3 (3 minutes is the default time).

• Press the "Start Training" button.

• To reset to Level 1, press the Reset button.

For any enhancements to be made or request, send me an email to MEoptometrist@gmail.com

Have a good training

Massimiliano Stolfa
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