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 Bio Waste Management System 1.0.35


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Segtech ®  online system enables CBWTF (Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility), tracking medical waste with QR Code technology and GPS System for Vehicle asset tracking ,waste logistics and routing system that enables you to have Automate Routes playback with Full Maps Integration.

Routes are efficiently generated by geographic location, calendar scheduling and repeat at specified frequency but they are also fully customizable. Create a route once and re-use it every day, every week, or every month there after the choice is yours.


1. Complete control of your waste logistics business with status of kms, speed, over speed, unreachable etc.
2 Route playback option to re-check vehicle route again anywhere,anytime, any place with

Distance Covered (Km/h):   0 km/h    Stoppage Time :   xyz   Driving Time :djch  
Healthcare Center Covers :50 done

3 Alert/Reminder option to renew your vehicle insurance, pollution, passing etc. before expiry.
4 Complete data at glance with real time monitoring system
5 Reporting and analysing of medical waste quantity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
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