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 Bird Encyclopedia 1.2

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Bird Encyclopedia is a vast collection of interesting bird facts from the most interesting and unique species out there.

The fun animals facts include information as follows:

• bird scientific and common name
• bird family/genus
• wingspan and length
• body weight and size
• animal behavior
• bird unique features
• conservation status
• geographical habitats

What is a bird?
Well, a bird is actually a warm blooded, egg-laying vertebrate animal, that is commonly distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings, a beak, and typically the ability to fly. Despite many birds have wings, some bird species are considered flightless.

Fun Bird Facts
• There are over 9000 species of known bird species in the world and grouped around 30 categories.
• Birds are the most widespread species of all animals globally.
• Around 70% of bird species are found in tropical rain forests.

This encyclopedia on animals and birds is very interesting and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, especially children and youngsters who just started learning about the world around us.

Did you know?
Birds are among the most interesting creatures and are the most widespread all around the world!
Learn more about this with our Bird Encyclopedia and enrich your knowledge on the many wonders of mother nature and learn to identify rare birds with common ones.

Remember that knowledge is bliss when it comes to the wild, knowing how to identify which animal is which might just save your life. Knowledge is power and what better way to increase that through reading, reading encyclopedias of proper facts on specific subjects of course.

In this case, Animal Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia about Birds. Wildlife Encyclopedia is one of the most interesting reading materials out there.

Bird Encyclopedia unique features and highlights

• 100% Free
• Compatible with over 99% of mobile devices
• Functions with only small space on your mobile device
• Cool facts with a single touch
• Beautiful, vibrant, and interesting graphics
• Suited for all ages and easy language
• User friendly as it is very easy to scroll and navigate
• Simple encyclopedia that promotes fun education
• Vibrant and beautiful theme for all ages

The many bird species in our Encyclopedia of Animals and Birds include as follows:

American Woodcock
Atlantic Puffin
Australian Magpie
Bee Hummingbird
Bengal Florican
Blue Jay
California Condor
Christmas Island Frigatebird
Common Ostrich
European Bee-Eater
Forest owlet
Giant ibis
Golden Pheasant
Hyacinth Macaws
Indian Peacock
King Bird Of Paradise
Mute Swan
Northern Patoo
Peregrine Falcon
Philippine Eagle
Red-Whiskered Bulbul
Rhinoceros Hornbill
Roseate Spoonbill
Ruppell's Vulture
Toco Toucan
Wood Stork
and more to come!

Animal and Bird Encyclopedia is a professionally and beautifully designed app where users can spend their time and gain more knowledge about the birds all over the world.

It is currently a developing ebook encyclopedia and we will be updating from time to time for more species!
All you want to know about the most common and most interesting birds is ready for your to explore with our user-friendly app.

Please do rate and share our app if you like it.
Download Bird Encyclopedia app today and learn more about mother nature.
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