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 Birdsong - Bird of Sounds 1.0


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Birdsong - Bird of Sounds

Birdsong a fun app to listen to sounds of bird and birds calls voice for fans ?

the beauty of the sound of birds is very good to listen. Birdsong can be a mind at ease. a lot of birds in the world and a variety of voice, bird lovers are usually master the sounds of birds. in this application, there is the sound of birds and the description of the sound of birds, therapy, and the sound of water.

You can feel forest ambience and listen to forest birds offered by Birdsong, tropical forest birds Australian king parrot, Australian magpie, Australian Owlet-nightjar, barn owl, billed cuckoo, black-faced cuckoo shrike, bluejay, brush cuckoo, canary, cardinal, chaffinch, common blackbird, commonly, common starling, crimson rosella, crow, eagle, fan-tailed cuckoo, figbird, galah, geese, grey butcherbird, hoopoe, koel, loon and much more.

This free Birdsong application has a lot of bird sounds in high quality. Relaxing sounds with pictures can help you learn something about birds, and relax

You can feel forest ambiance and listen to forest birds, tropical forest birds and crow, owl, parrot, pigeon, loon, woodpecker, rooster, seagull, mockingbird and much more!

Vocalization of the birds includes two calls of birds and songs of birds. In non-technical use, birdsongs are the melodious sounds of birds that are in the human ear. In bird watching and bird watching, (relatively complex) songs are distinguished by the function of (relatively simple) bird calls.

a kind bird generally different by eastern bird and western bird and a country usually have a much kind bird like Thailand Malaysia Vietnam brazil german US Canada Filipina Arabian Africa China Australia Europe rusian England Hungarian India, they have an endemic bird-like, As for the type of bird singing :

? Blackthroat
? Lanius schach
? the creasted jay
? greater green leafbird
? grey cheekd bulbul
? Orange? Headed thrush
? straw headed bul bul
?pied bush chat
? bar wingd prinia
? common myna
? strutus contra
? magpies robin
? the blue winged leafbird
? Chestnut?capped thrush
? canary
? black naped oriole
? love bird
? white rumped shamam
? silver eared mesia
? ambon white eye
? eurpian robin
? common iorea
? the azure dollarbird
? cryonis
? yellow vanted bul bul
? bird of paradise

? High-quality popular bird sounds, calls, voices and bird images.
? you can set bird sounds as ringtone, alarm sound, and notification sound.
? Bird sounds for your entertainment and helps you relax after a hard day!
? Bird sounds are the perfect app to have a good time with your friends.
? Soothing music and sleep sound for every one
? Absolutely relaxing for nature lovers
? You can use bird songs as flash cards for babies to teach them bird names and sounds.
? Soothing music and sleep sounds for babies
? Relaxation ringtones and nature music

The sounds of birds included in the application are:

✔ Birds of company
✔ garden birds
✔ Bird of prey
✔ All birds
✔ Wild Birds
✔ birds without flight

So Download Bird Sounds now and enjoys beautiful bird call melodies, sounds of nature and music. You can also use the bird sounds contact ringtone ringer, notification, and alarm.
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