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Birthday Cake Design ideas

Birthday is something we should be grateful. There are many ways to be grateful for our anniversary. One of them by holding a small party with friends or family beloved at home. To complete the birthday celebration party we can present a birthday cake tart we make ourselves in the added variety of pastries for family or guests who come. Of course, make your own birthday cake will be more valuable than we just buy a birthday cake outside is not it?

To make the birthday cake must be lovingly so that in the process of making it we will be easier (lebay). The process of making a birthday cake is more difficult than the usual cake type especially when decorating. Sometimes we have trouble especially when it will decorate birthday cake. For that first read the tips of decorating a birthday cake from cooking cake so as not to bother when decorating.

For those who are beginners just Make a simple birthday cake is important cake birthday look beautiful and meaningful. Do not be too fancy unless we are already proficient we can make a unique birthday cake

Birthday Cake Tart Materials
- wheat flour 100 gr (high protein)
- cornstarch 40 gr
- 8 egg yolks
- 60 g chocolate powder
- butter 100 gr (melted)
- 200 gr sugar
- vanilla powder 1/4 tsp
- whiped cream 500 gr + dye
- Chocolate cook 100 gr

How to Make Birthday Cake

Combine wheat flour, cocoa powder and cornstarch and stir until blended. set aside.

Beat the egg yolk until fluffy and foamy then add the flour mixture while sieving. Stir until baking dough mixed evenly.

Add the butter stir until completely flat to soften the result.

Spread the pan with butter and then add the dough into it and bake it in an oven with a temperature of 150 degrees until cooked and then remove and let it cool to decorate.

To decorate this beautiful tart we use whiped cream with white and yellow color. Spread the entire surface of the cake with white whiped cream then on the edges spray the yellow whiped cream. Garnish with chocolate to make it more appealing.
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