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Earning money was never that easy! You probably know what is btc and why everybody is going crazy about it. It did a long way from an experiment nobody believed in to the most expensive digital currency ever. Bitcoin price grew from 1000$ to 10000$ in only one year.

And if you are smart, you know where is it going. The price will grow and happy bitcoin owners will keep celebrating, while the rest of the world will try to keep up. Don’t miss your chance to get your own comfy place under the sun and become a cool miner!

The digital world is replacing a real one step by step. Good, it or not, we can’t change much and the only thing left – to conquer this world as well. We build our brands, businesses, relationships online. Why don’t we make lots of money online as well? Don’t say it’s impossible, take a look at guys who managed to understand a bitcoin power and now swimming in gold like Uncle Scrooge. You want to be one of them, we all want, let’s face it.

Every day hundreds and hundreds of btc mining services appears. Some of them are working, some of them are so fake, it’s not even funny. We want to share with you a 100% btc faucet, where you can get a small amount of this currency without risking. Sounds pretty sneaky but let us explain how to earn money and have a lot of fun doing it.

What if we offer you to earn the money by playing a game? Yep, you heard it right. Having fun, playing on your smartphone or tablet, and btc at the same time.
If you are ready to make your wallet full and become rich in no time, this app is for you!

How does a mining work?

1.After downloading the app, you will get our app – same coinbase, but fancier.
2.Your main goal is to crush this egg and get your price – present card! With this card, you can exchange btc to usd and enjoy your life!
3.Watch out! You have only limited number of kicks, so you have to earn them first.

How? Easy-peasy:

• Watch advertising;
• Complete different tasks and mini-games;
• Have a lot of fun getting your first freebitcoin;
• Answer different questions and solve small tests;
• Collect your everyday bonuses.

Yes, it’s that easy! Play and make money! Dreams should come true.

The main problem for this kind of apps is a location. It’s not that easy to connect every single country to this app system and make it work. Our programmers did impossible. From now on, you can have an access to this app from every single city in the world. The only thing you have to do is to have a GooglePlay and since you are reading it, there is no doubt you will have your first soon!
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