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Body fitness allow you to set your own daily workouts programs, burn fat and build muscles by following an effective training planning with daily body workouts, Spending just minutes a day can strengthen your core and tone your abs, butt, legs, chest and all your body.
Set a daily program and start a workout challenge with yourself.


• Awesome design.
• Moe than 20 workouts.
• Voice guide.
• Start and stop sounds.
• Workouts animation and details.
• Daily program.
• and more

With Abdominals workouts, you will have a nice flat stomach and nice abs if you work hard.

Abdominals program:

- Alternate heel touches.
- Arm reaching crunch.
- Basic crunch.
- V crunches.
- Vertical leg crunch.
- Bicycle crunch.
- Leg-up crunch.
- Flutter kicks.
- Leg raises.

With these exercises, you will have nice legs and hot butts.

Leg & Butts program:

- Lunge.
- High Knees.
- Sit plank.
- Jumping Jack.
- Squat.
- Step-up onto chair

With chest & arms program, you will have a stronger chest and arms.

Chest & Arms program:

- Side plank.
- Push-up.
- Push-up and rotation.
- Plank.
- Plank & leg lifts.
- Bench dips.

And more exercices like shoulders and biceps and back workouts that make you gain your body shape real fast.
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