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Brinko is a multi layered side scrolling platformer with cartoon style artwork, presented in 30 minute episodes to mimic the TV media. You can go far and come back to the front to reach your goal hence giving a feeling of depth in a 2D game. You may also drop platforms and items to build your way towards collecting the coins that you have lost and reuniting with your friend Kobo. The option of free to place the platform allows players to pursue the challenge as they wish. Furthermore, in each episode, you have 3 days to complete the available levels, thus adding to the challenge.

Key Features:

- Game Structure: With Brinko, we hope to create regular 30 minute episodes to create a more TV series like experience rather than one massive game. This way you can follow the season or any single episode.

- Level Structure: Brinko is a multi layered side scrolling platformer, you can go far or come near apart from the traditional 2D movements; hence, giving the feeling of depth in a traditional 2D game.

- Goal: The main focus of the game play is to collect a set number of coins within a given time frame of a single day. The goals may also have a randomized position which gives the player a different experience every time.

- Approach: Brinko gives freedom to the players to place the platforms where they want in order to reach their goal. This approach allows the players to play the game according to what best suits them.

- Artwork: The game focuses on cartoon style artwork which is aimed for both young and older audience. With smooth transition from day to night and effects like fireflies and stars make it a joy to look at.

Newer episodes would be under the same title and we hope to release at least one or two episodes each month. For more information regarding the game, please visit the game website.
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    21. 9. 2017 2017-09-21

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