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 Buddhism - Abhidhamma Sambuddhathwa 1.0

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Buddhism - Abhidhamma Sambuddhathwa

This App comes with several lectures explaining Abhidhamma Sambuddhathwa

The Abhidhamma is the Higher Teaching of the Buddha. It expounds the quintessence of His profound doctrine and deals with the Ultimate Truth

Knowing the Abhidhamma is extremely helpful in understanding fully the words of the Buddha and to realise Nibbana. In it, both mind and matter are microscopically analysed. Chief events connected with theprocess of birth and death are explained. Intricate points of the Dhyamma are clarified. The Path to Enlightenment is set forth in clear terms

In the Abhidhamma, mind and matter, the two composites of the so-called being are investigated to help in the understanding of things as they truly are. A philosophy has been developed on these lines. Based on that philosophy, an ethical system has been evolved to realise the ultimate goal, Nibbana.

As Buddhist laity, we shall use this opportunity (during Abhidhamma chanting at a wake) to reflect wisely on the Buddha's Teaching on the Meaning of Life. Let us see with insight each and every dhamma so that we may live our lives correctly. If we have practised well the words of the Buddha, we have not lived this life in vain

Get this App and understand Abhidhamma and Buddha's doctrines with the help of the greatest exponenets of Buddhism
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