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 Busy Division 1.2.3


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【How to play】
・You cipher for 「Division」pop up one after another on the whiteboard.
・Select the correct answer from multiple answers on front side note.
・It is 2 modes of 「Repeat Training Mode」and
「Challenging Mode」.
・You can select challenge level from 「Easy」「Normal」「Hard」「Extra」

「Repeat Training Mode」
・As the name suggests, It is endless mode and in here you can training freely.
・Repeat training is important to arithmetic. You learn by doing it iteratively.
・Touch the End button on the screen, you can end the game. Number of your correct answers and total time are display on the screen.

「Challenging Mode」
・In this mode, the time limit of 6 minutes. And it will test your speed of answering and accuracy. So it's best to check your ability.
・Come loaded with "Combo System"
If you are formed in a succession of answer within two seconds, you can gets bonus time +0.5 seconds with each answer.
・Link up with Ranking System. Post on your score and compete for scores with your rivals.

It's NEW!!
New Challenge Level「Extra」
・This division is indivisible by 「redundancy」!
・Select two answers of「Quotient」and「Remainder」from answer candidates.
・Quotient candidate is black, Remainder candidate is pink.(each 4 choices)
・Changed activation condition of Combo in the Challenging Mode. Give a correct answer within 4 seconds then you can get +1.0 seconds bonus time(Extra only)

「Providing Materials」

Images「Illustration AC」

Special Effects「Music is VFR」

Voice「Machi Minase」

Rendering Audio「Mitsuteru Nagato」

Special Thanks「Riverion」
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