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Poop games and virtual pets fans it's the time to take fun to the maximal level! With this adopt pet pou fake call simulator you can simulate calls from the pet star pow and lovely baby poo poop and talk to poop the virtual pet the phone and amaze your friends with this pow call prank and poop games. The virtual pet poo fake call simulator allows you to personalize fake call from pow pet star and trick your friends by pretending talk to virtual pet pou the adopt pet on your phone. If you love to play funny pou games or poop games with your friends and have fun and you need a pet star and adopt pet call prank, this virtual pet talking pou fake call simulator will help you to amaze your friends by simulating fake call from pou the alien pet and receive instant fake call from the virtual pet and pow pet star with a baby poop picture on the calling prank screen. By playing this pou games and simulate fake call from pou the alien pet you will be able to find out variety of fake call simulator options including:

Schedule fake call: We give you in this poo pretend call the option to set time to get fake calls from poop the pet star, by selecting a duration from the time list in the poop games user interface, then you will receive fake call from the virtual pet poo and amaze your friends by let them thinking your are in real call with pou the adopt pet in fact it's just a fake call using this pow fake call simulator.

Funny virtual pet voices: To make the fake call from poop the alien pet more realistic, Our team added funny poo virtual pet voices to this pow fake call simulator, to let you prank your friends when you receive call from the pow pet star by pretending talk to the adopt pet poo on a phone call.

Safe for all kids: This is one of the safest poo games and poop fake call simulator ever that all kids can play and simulate fake call from pou the alien pet with no parent worries, also to make this pow virtual pet pretend call more enjoyable by kids, our team designed this pow call prank with simple and easy user interface to make all kids able to play this poop games and simulate calls from pow the pet star without their parent help.

It's Funny poo virtual pet call simulator, Free poop games and also it's Easy to use pet star pow games for all kids ages!
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    26. 12. 2017 2017-12-26

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