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 Car Stereo Boom Bass Pad


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Has over 30 features. All free. Feel the earth-shaking bass your system is capable of. Real easy to use. Subwoofer test tones, subwoofer frequencies. Ultra low bass and sub bass. Incredible sound!

Great for use with car stereos, home theaters, club sound systems, PA systems, PC subwoofer systems and with any other system that includes at least one sub woofer. Works with headphones too for frequencies your headphones are capable of reproducing.

- Record feature now included so you can make great beats and play them back in a continuous loop
- Bass Boost your favorite songs
- Graphic EQ equalizer
- Make your own ultra low bass tracks with built in deep bass sequencer, includes extreme low bass, drums, hi hats, claps.
- HiHat, Snare, Handclap, Kick drum sounds added to round out your beats
- White Noise, Pink Noise and Brown Noise test tones
- Deep bass
- Frequency test tone generator, frequency sweeps, white noise, pink noise and brown noise now included
- Play notes as low as 20hz,10hz, and now with test tones all the way to 1hz by user request!
- Additional instruments added to bass sequencer (clap, snare drum, hi-hat, bass drops, rumbles, dubstep etc) for making even cooler beats and tracks!
- Low bass drops and intense bass beats
- 1hz increments added
- Can extend the bass boom duration for longer deep bass
- Can now play continuous ultra low bass notes with no fadeout (optional)
- Now includes midrange and high treble test tones also for tuning the rest of your system
- Hard hitting punchy bass added
- Intense sound effects & bass beats
- Make music for rap, hiphop, dubstep, pop, trance music and more

Download now and enjoy everything your subs are capable of, you won't believe the rumble.
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    10. 1. 2018 2018-01-10

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