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Get ready for the Adventure, Accept the challenge and start your van with metallic bullet proof body and armed security force to deliver the cash, gold and gems to the banks in New City. Cash Transit is the first cash transport game with realistic van controls and realistic graphics. You have assigned the duty to deliver valuables to the banks safely. Speed up your van to escape from the robbers chasing you. Dismiss the robbery attempt and escape from being chased by the criminals and robbers following your car.

The underworld gangsters and robbers have made the plan for grand robbery to heist the bank cash transit van in the middle of road on its way to deliver cash and valuables to the bank in the different towns of New York. You need to maintain the very high speed to deliver the cash and gold, diamonds and ATM cards in the city of New York. Fulfill the bank job, daily challenge and collect the daily reward to increase your coins. Purchase the high speed and optimized van for bank cash delivery.

Keep Alert in the challenge mode transfer money safely in this cash transit driving simulator. The grand gangsters, mafia god fathers and robbers have made the plan of grand robbery to heist the bank cash transit van on it way to deliver the cash and gold to different banks. Escape from gangsters & robbers who try to rob you in city of crime! Race to the destination & escape as a super hero in robber chase mission. Be aware from the most dangerous gangsters and robbers of the Vegas, mostly they are involved in the cash robbery.

So be aware from these gangs they can rob all the cash, gold and money in no time. larceny is everywhere in the city so it is difficult to protect the cash in the city from robbers. But you are not alone, you have US Army Trained armored security force officer with modern deadly weapons rifles and guns to push back any bushwhack of burglary to prevent the bank heist. Show your strength braveness to complete the mission to unlock the next mission.

Bank Cash Truck Game Play
3 Different Modes of Play
Bank Job: Be the bank cash truck driver and complete the money delivery in the limited time. use your coins to get extra time to drive the euro 4x4 offroad truck to the bank. Complete the driving simulator missions to be a super hero driver in this cargo truck simulation game.

Daily Challenge: Accept the challenge escape your bank cash truck. Select the high-speed truck in the garage and speed to protect your money being robbed by Black dragon and 18 street gangsters. The gangsters’ pickup will follow your truck and will try to catch you.

Cash In Transit: Take the money from city bank branches, casino and shopping malls and deliver it to the state bank. Try to escape from gangsters and robbers when they start to chase and catch you.

Features of The Game

Realistic and 3D environment will give you real feelings of driving trucks and Vans
Play More than 50 Levels and get cash rewards on completion of each task in every mission and levels
Cash Delivery Driving Adventure
Driving with extreme safety
Awesome truck driving challenge missions
Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting
Transporting of currency notes in Truck
Thrill of transportation Driving on city roads and Steep Paths.
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