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A room with a beautiful ceiling has always attracted a lot of interest. Here we will discuss the design of the ceiling of the living room thatwill instantly change the look of the living room.

If you do not want conventional plain ceiling, the ceiling design that is ideal for the living room would be a false ceiling or suspended ceiling. Type false ceiling designs are very popular for the living room as they provide warmth and pleasure parlor. A ceiling is none other than a flat ceiling built below the existing ceiling. Ceiling panels false ceiling built with lightweight acoustic materials installed in a grid pattern. Recess in between the ceiling and the ceiling of the original is used for housing and other wirings such materials. A false ceiling can be made more functional by installing lights or dim mood lighting fixtures. They are best used in rooms thathave Far ceiling height is high, like false ceilings lower the ceiling height of about 4 to 6 inches. Fancy decorative panels and moldings can also be used to provide false ceilings attractive appearance. Installation of the ceiling will give your living room a unique atmosphere.

If you live in a country style house, or you want to give the appearance to the country of your living room, then one of the best designs for ceilings wood ceilings. There are different styles of ceiling wood to choose from and one of the most popular is wood cathedral ceiling. cathedral ceilings made with wooden beams look very attractive in the living room is large and spacious. high cathedral ceilings and sloping make a dramatic statement in your living room. cathedral ceilings are visually appealing but they have some practical problems like insulation and ventilation. Nevertheless cathedral ceilings is a wise choice if you live in a large house with a spacious living area. lamps used in cathedral ceilings bear hung so low thatthere is adequate lighting in the room. Additional lighting can be installed using a floor lamp. You can choose to ook coffered ceiling design which is a rectangular box-like patterns made with wood beams.

tray ceiling design is very popular, especially, to the living room and dining room. tray ceiling design consists of two types. A hidden tray and the tray upside down. In the design of recessed ceiling tray, the perimeter of the ceiling is lower than the center of the ceiling. In the design of inverted tray ceiling, the center of the ceiling is lower than the perimeter, giving the appearance of being suspended. tray ceiling design that is perfect for the living room as It allows you to hang decorative items such as a chandelier or installing recessed lighting. Installing crown molding along the edges of the tray ceiling will give your living room look elegant.

This application contains a lot of ceiling design with a variety of models, ranging from simple to luxurious. For those of you who want to have a unique and luxurious ceiling, maybe you can get the idea or references here.

For those of you who crave a house with a beautiful interior, you can start by designing the ceiling first. I am sure if you have seen the ceiling design in this application, you will immediately get a fitting idea for your home ceiling.

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