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Marvel: Future Fight has been described as a dungeon crawler.[citation needed] Players have the option to use either virtual joystick and button controls or tap-based controls. The player plays with a maximum team of 3 characters in a team on a level. The player controls one of the characters and may interchange with the other team members. A character swap will incur a cool down before the player can swap back to the previously used character.Each mission uses energy to play. Energy is gained by leveling up your SHIELD base with SHIELD XP, through in game rewards and achievements. There are many different playable characters also featured are non-playable characters Nick Fury, Jocasta, Jemma Simmons, Grandmaster, Taskmaster, Ymir, Fenris wolf, Surtur and Jormungand. Additionally, Melinda May appears in the capacity of a support character, as a summon for Phil Coulson as well as an ally shifter in Story Missions. The player's character has a default attack mode which does substantial damage involving repetitive melee/weapon attacks based on the character type chosen. The active character will lock onto a target and continue moving toward it to attack it unless input to behave otherwise. Apart from the default attack mode each character has additional special skills these may be directed attacks,AOE attacks or induce application of buffs or shields and are unique to each character. Each skill comes with a cool down. Skills are either active or passive. An active skill is initiated by the user, while passive skills will trigger on specific conditions met during game play. A character will start out with 2 skills initially and gain up to 6 skills as it is ranked up. Apart from the 6 skills each character has an additional Leadership skill unlocked through mastery of the character. This skill is active when the character is in the leadership position of the team. All team members will receive the benefits of the leadership skill for the entire duration of the level. Another skill type called tier-2 skill is unlocked when the character attains tier-2 status. Certain characters start out as automatic tier-2 characters The player can have a maximum of 5 teams set up. There are also team bonuses, for certain sets of character team combinations. Characters are unlocked and ranked up by obtaining Biometrics, which can be found in certain missions as well as the Game store. Characters can get better upgrade options at higher levels and can be leveled up through character XP. Players are able to customize heroes to their play style through upgrades, such as upgrading skills, gear, and equipping ISO-8. Upgrading skills increases their damage level, upgrading gear improves a specific trait of the hero, like HP or Attack Speed, and equipping ISO-8 sets provides varying buffs and traits. In the various stores, in addition to Biometrics, players can also buy chests, energy, clear tickets, ISO-8, Biometric packages, and other supplies. Certain stores require tokens while the Game store require either gems or real currency the uniform store and SHIELD lab mini-store require gems and gold
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