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Best cheese hunt game built on natural rivalry between angry tomcat and hungry, teasing jerry mouse. From angry tomcat view CheeseFeast gameplay is all about protecting cheese with rat traps and cat guards so that mouse will be held without collecting its food. From hungry and teasing mouse view Cheese Feast gameplay is all about collecting cheese by avoiding rat traps, cat guards and safely escape to reach home with speed run.

Game Details, Role Playing and Rewards:
1. 75 well designed exciting levels - Each level will hold the food in chess maze castle floor with cat guards, food, rat traps, stars and blocks. The chess maze castle floor makes user to move one block at a time top, bottom, left and right direction for directional classic play. Chess maze castle floor also helps in understanding the danger and safe zones. Each level represents adventure puzzles to chase out.

2. Nice game progression - To give nice user experience and learn game controls, initial levels are designed for simple chases with single tomcat guards and the higher levels will feature more tomcat guards and more food, mice traps to give more exciting fun

3. Play the level you like - Instead of progressive level play, user is given an option where they can directly choose the level they like to play

4. Game Goal - The game goal is to help rat to start from his home den, collect all the food by avoiding mice traps, maze blocks, cat guards and safely reach home den. Make sure the rat goes in a speedy run to make it escape otherwise cat guards will chase the rat

5. Tomcat role - To protect food from rat

6. Jerrymouse role - To collect food by avoiding guards

7. Rewards - On completing each level, user will receive one to three stars based on collection. Collect more to get more stars

8. Scoreboard - stars and points will lead the scoreboard. More the points you collect you will be position in top of the Google Play services leaderboards

9. Free or Paid game - Yes, Its a Free game with few purchase option can be called as Freemium game.

10. Display Ads - Yes, the game displays ads. Ads can be suppressed by going for purchase options

Collect the cheese and move to the next level of adventure puzzles. The game is logically designed to keep your mind and fingers rattling in synchronisation. Again Tom and Jerry natural rivalry never ends and the story continues....

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