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 Chip counter for poker and blackjack 1.1

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This application is not a game, however, when playing in real life, it is an excellent assistant in keeping score in such games as poker, blackjack and others. You dont need chips and their equivalents anymore! All you will need is a deck of 52 cards and a good company!

You choose the number of players, the type of the game, blinds and other settings,and then just place your bets and choose a winner. The program keeps score by itself, increases the bank, indicates the rounds and the dealer. Besides, while playing poker the program will not let you choose the player who, for example, did not make bets as a winner (this feature can be disabled).

The advantages of this application:
— Wide selection of settings for your game;
— The application supports up to 9 players in a game on one device;
— The application does not need a connection to the Internet;
— The correct counting of chips when playing poker. If players go all-in and several banks are formed, the program will offer to allocate funds correctly;
— The application offers an opportunity to save the game as well as to continue the last game;
— No ads and the ability to change the application's theme.

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