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 ChipperWa - Golf short master


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ChipperWa - Golf short game master - The best way to go single

Contact information : Tel) 82-31-383-0997, 82-1688-3226 email)

ChipperWa, golf short game master can be installed in a small space (2 x 1.5 x 1.5 meter) and practice.
ChipperWa, short game master can be used with any device, smartphones and tablets.
You can also use the TV or beam projector to enlarge the screen.
With ChipperWa's Bluetooth technology, you can easily use the ChipperWa without complicated installation process and tools.
Sophisticated and accurate swing analysis.
We provide various information of hit ball by miniaturizing high speed, high response infrared sensor technology used in screen golf.
By intergrating the light source and the light receiving part, ChipperWa is not necessary a device
such as a halogen lamp.

Practice mode
In practice mode, there are three modes.
The Approach mode practices the desired carry and distance, precise direction and impact, and green attack in consideration of the green situation.
The Putting mode practices the desired distance, precise direction and Putting stroke, and Putting on various greens without distance restrictions.
The Approach and Putting mode is a practice mode to finish Putting the remaining distance after Approach from the green.

Par-3 game mode (Golf short game)
The Par-3 game mode provides 9 hole 3 courses basically.
The Par-3 game can be played solo, with ChperWa 1:1 and up to 4 players.
The Approach and Putting distance can be fixed, random, arbitrary and all of position can arbitrarily adjust by user.
Also southpaw can be used it without courtship, implementing all of the menu by touching screen.
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