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Enjoy “Circus lion” – colorful live wallpaper!
The lion is represented close-up on a stage of a circus!
Lion is merrily looking at you and occasionally blinking.
Circus lion is well mannered!
The lion is happily waving its paw and jumping up!
Amazing spectacle!
Bright lion looks like the most kind of all animals!
The lion admires with its magnificent appearance!
The lion's goal is to make people happier!
Install “Circus lion” live wallpaper completely free!

1) Antivirus may falsely detect threats (some antivirus programs regard advertising as a virus).

2) Actual speed of animation depends on device characteristics (screen size and resolution; CPU frequency and number of cores; RAM size).

3) You may slow down or speed up animation by selecting speed value by your own discretion in settings menu.

The lion is a synonym of force, power and bravery from immemorial times. Therefore, people often use such expressions as " strong as a lion", "lion's heart".
In Ancient Egypt lion was considered as a sacred animal.
The lion is an animal which constitutes danger both to animals and to people.
In the Middle Ages many Royal Courts decorate their coat of arms with images of a lion to show force and power.
Here are several interesting facts about lions, showing that lion is a very interesting and terrible animal.
Muzzle of a lion is like fingerprints at the person: there are no two lions with identical muzzles.
Claws of a lion can reach in length of 7 centimeters.
Night sight of a lion is six times better, than a human.
Despite the impressive sizes, lions have the smallest heart from all predators living on Earth.
Roar of an adult lion is so loud that it is heard at distance to 8 kilometers.
Still it is considered that only the sick or wounded lion attacks a man or pet.
Lions are perfectly adapted for life; they can live without water for months.
Lions like to sleep very much and do it for 20 hours a day!

Enjoy this lovely free live wallpaper!
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