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Explore your neighborhood or any other area on the map and see the various issues or ideas that are reported in that area. If you notice an issue that you agree with or want to be solved then upvote that issue and also comment on it.

If you see any persisting problem in your neighborhood then you can point the location on the map and post the issue there. Other users of the app will be able to see the issue raised by you and upvote and comment on it. Once the issue is verified as genuine, it will get reported to the relevant authorities for solutions(See Disclaimer below). It will help more if you are able to provide pictures of the issue you faced. You can also suggest improvement ideas for public places that you often see.

For all the activities done on the app, the user is awarded karma points. Users are ranked on the leaderboard based on these karma points.


The app is not yet affiliated with local authorities. We plan to launch the app first as a proof of concept before we approach the municipalities for the adoption of our app. Once we have 1000+ sign ups and few posts from the users in any city, we would like to approach the municipal authorities of that city.

Till the point we have some form of affiliation or contract, we intend to notify the municipality through their existing online channels for the public or email the posted issue to the municipality department. An issue would only be notified to the municipality only after it is verified genuine. We would call a post as “verified genuine” from the information provided in the post such as a location verified (geotagged) image. If the geotagged image corresponds to the problem mentioned by the user then we call it “verified genuine” else we seek more information from the user who is posting or other users who are nearby through push notifications and emails. The user would get a response from City Savior moderators within 24 hours about the status of the app. If there is no response from the municipality we would update that too in the post comments. The verification of the post and subsequent referral to the municipality would be done manually in the backend as of now for accuracy purposes.

For feedback regarding the app, please reach us at
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