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Color Flood War is just the game for you!

Send us an email an get a promo code. First 500 users will pay nothing! Free "in-app" purchase for you!

It's a simple game, yet very fun and addictable. Color Flood War is all about colors. You start from the left most top corner of the board. Change your color and take over close cells. The goal is to "eat" all the cells and paint the board in a single color.

Color Flood game is a game for kids, teens, adult and "old" people. It's a fun game for every age. Everyone can connect to this game and learn to love it.

For a very low and fair price of almost one 1$ US dollar you will be able to:
1. Change the colors of the game to any color you like
2. Change the shape of the cells
3. Play in multiplayer mode against anyone in the world

Color Flood War might look like an easy game, but actually it can get very challenging. The first moves will be always easy, but not the rest.

This game offer in one-player mode boards in 4 sizes:
1. 7 by 7 board with 4 colors (Easy)
2. 8 by 8 board with 5 colors (Normal)
3. 9 by 9 board with 6 colors (Hard)
4.10 bu 10 board with 7 colors (Extra hard!)

in multiplayer-mode 2 players can compete with one another. There is no chat what soever between the players. You will be able to see where is your rival from by seeing a flag of his country. In this mode there are bigger boards:
1. 15 by 15
2. 20 by 20
3. 25 by 25

Color Flood War will give you hours of fun and joy. Flood you life and the world with colors anywhere and anytime.

Color Flood War is a great strategy game and it can improve your cognitive skills. See tons of colors is very good for you health as well, because colors are good against bad moods.

Make only one in-app purchase in Color Flood war that will last forever. You will be able to player with rivals from Europe, Asia, Africa and south and north America. Challenge a player from Germany, and in the very next match compete with a player from Mexico, Spain, France, Canada, Japan.

Color Flood War is fun as it is easy to master. No text, no lines, no codes - just a great color flooding game.

Color Flood
color Flood
Color flood
color flood
Color Flood War
Flood War
color game
colors game
game of color
game of colors
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