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 CountX Counter 1.1.4

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CountX is a counter app with an automatic immediate ranking. You can use it to count virtually anything that can be photographed using the mobile camera. The date, time and location of the last increase are listed as well as the actual count related to each photo.

It can be used in a pub to track ones own consumption or even for a group of people. It is a hit at a party to see who has consumed the most. All you have to to is take pictures of the people and click the pic to count up.

It can also be used to keep scores when playing cards. If the increment factor is greater than 1 then use the add factor option and enter the required value.

Single click to increase or decrease by one.
Double click to do the opposite.
Swipe to the left to see history.
Swipe back to go back.
Long click on item to see more options
Use add factor option for factors greater than 1.

You can back up a CountX session and reload it at anytime by clicking on the file using a file explorer of your choice. You can also share the session to other devices using a program of your choice. Additionally the screen can be saved as an image which can then also be backed up and shared.

Have fun!

Regarding the permissions:

Required to store the content file if backed up or shared.

Required to show your current location on the list.

Required to geocode location data.
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