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 Crazy Desert Taxi Jeep Driving Mania 3D (Unreleased)


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Are you a fan of playing crazy desert jeep 3d simulator? Mania sim 3d desert jeep drive amazing game play simulator. In this mania 4x4 sim 3d game 15 difficult but different challenges levels. Each level of this 4x4 crazy desert jeep game is interesting and wonderful. You have to drive sim 3d mania 4x4 desert jeep in the day of hotness sun in desert environment. Crazy 4x4 mania sim desert jeep simulator is for those who love to play and enjoy the luxury 4x4 crazy desert jeep. pick and drop passenger by one by one each level This crazy mania sim 3d desert jeep driving Simulator game will give you an opportunity to become a master of 4x4 desert jeep drive to play this game. There are three different missions in this desert jeep game. You have to play many desert jeep game play but 4x4 sim 3d desert jeep is different then another play games. Mania sim 3d desert jeep is very amazing and interesting. In full desert environment you have to play this luxury desert jeep game and get treasure hunt. If you play all these levels one by one easily then you will success to get treasure hunt. Otherwise you will lose the treasure hunt. If you play all these levels easily then you will be master and champion of play this desert jeep game mania sim 3d simulator.

Ready to play this luxury sim 3d desert jeep game. 1st of all take your seat and get your seat belt and push on your control camera button. Start to play this mania 4x4 crazy games and note your time limit from the starting area for race and speed of the sim 3d desert mania simulator click the right button of the key and for turn of crazy mania 4x4 desert jeep click the left button of the key. Control 4x4 crazy sim 3d with full carefully and don’t tires jam in desert area. You can also struggle hard with stunt skills while turning steering wheels in this desert jeep drive in desert area free game play. During 4x4 crazy desert jeep drive you will play each level of this game one by one easily. Drive your 4x4 luxury mania simulator desert jeep with full control and care on the desert place. Without any hitting save the people lives those who are travelling by your 4x4 sim 3d luxury desert jeep. You also enjoy with amazing music during drive your sim 3d desert jeep simulator.

In your information the rules of crazy sim 3d desert jeep simulator by pressing horn button control when you are driving you crazy 4x4 amazing luxury desert jeep with fast speed.. you must Use special indicators while taking the turn’s classic sim mania desert jeep and you can also safely drive desert jeep on the desert place? Playing the all these challenging level and pick the 15 person according to the level then you will treasure your hunt otherwise you will not success in your struggle. Chasing the task place you need work very hard. But your motto is to reach at the one level to last level by your stunt skill with full control and care

Your hard work to play this 4x4 sim mania 3d simulator game and get the numbers and points by playing this desert jeep simulator game one by one game level in your limited fixed time. So, in this way you will get the treasure hunt by playing the 15 challenging level of the desert jeep game play.

Game features.
-Full desert environment.
-15 Different challenging levels.
-pick and drop passengers.
-3 Different multiple mission.
-Get the place in fixed time.
--Enjoy with music during game play.
-Chase the all level and get the treasure hunt.
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