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 Crazy Surgeon Er Emergency 1.2


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Ever dreamed of becoming a Crazy Surgeon? Make your dreams come true with this Crazy Surgeon ER Emergency simulator! where you experience being a surgeon in a hospital full of crazy doctors, cure patient or use all your skills to perform the craziest surgery ever! The surgeon that you playing is crazy & mad is on a mission to save as many lives of patient with amazing talent. Is it possible to save lives? Get to know with new medical simulator! Start your career being a crazy Surgeon in ER Emergency and make a name curing ill patients in hospital. Inside the game did you see that people with painful expression? They are not feeling well due to some pain in their body. You have to behave like a real doctor and help those people to get relief from pain in hospital. Becoming a doctor in ER Emergency is a great responsibility because you need to take care of injured, wounded and ill patients. The emergency surgery room is well equipped with all the medical instruments, injections, re fillers for the medications, scalpels, dropper, tweezer and syrups to perform operations in hospital. Be prepared for ER emergency situations where you have little time to save lives! Make crucial decisions, carry out complex surgeries and all kinds of other medical procedures on your patients.You have been appointed as crazy surgeon in hospital & now it’s your duty to treat who get injured, be the crazy surgeon to perform crazy operations with real life saving tools and injections. Carry out necessary tests, check body temperature with a thermometer, measure blood pressure, take a body examination for injuries and perform x-ray to scan if there is any bone fracture. In order to treat the broken bones, make an incision in the skin and fix it with pliers. Give proper emergency treatments to heal their broken arms or legs, stitch the cut with a needle to stop bleeding and dress the wound. Become a professional crazy surgeon doctor to cure your injured patients in hospital.

One of the patent is suffering from knee Injury that can affect his ankle & leg movements. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the knee surgery simulator now. Call the knee surgeon & anesthetist on duty to keep a check on the patient’s leg while you carry out the knee surgery. Unfortunately one of the patients met with a bad accident & she lost one of her finger, the poor patients have painful expressions and a fear in their pretty little eyes & you are their last hope as you the only doctor in charge, you need to keep her calm, but her finger injury is too much and the broken finger need emergency attention of the surgeon. Don’t forget to clean away the blood to avoid infection. One of the patient is moaning in pain as he gets his elbow dislocate. The Er Emergency doctor has noted down the symptoms and diseases, on his way to the hospital. This patient is suffering from elbow dislocation that can affect his arms, finger and hand movements. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the elbow surgery simulation now. Some patients are waiting to get their brain surgeries done. Give them proper treatments with lots of medical equipment in this brain surgery simulator game. Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. Solve patient brain problems, treat injury & use many tools to cure them. One of the patient has got his nose broken and now it is bleeding. It is an er emergency now & you are the only hope, you have to treat & get bleeding to stop. Some patients eye vision are becoming more sensitive and weak & they need to get their eyes checked from specialist eye doctor.

• Realistic surgery simulation in hospital.
• Perform complex medical procedures.
• Become the best surgeon in hospital.
• Enjoy the doctor clinic games with a wide variety of tools.
• Amazing graphics and crazy game play.
• Use medical tools like scalpel, injection, tweezers, cream,antiseptic lotion, band-aid.
• Crazy nurses and doctors team to assist you in your cardic surgery clinic.
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