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If you see dolphin, please install "CROdolphin little" application on smartphone and register sighting.


Marine mammal (dolphins, whales, seals) research in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea started in 1990, and it was led by prof. Hrvoje Gomerčić from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb. All the data collected through this scientific research project has been published, and can be find on

The CroDolphin database is a system for registration of all dolphin sightings in the Adriatic, as this data is important for monitoring and protection of these species. The database is owned by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb, and if you would like to use this data, you need written permission from the administrator (

Since 1995, all marine mammal species are strictly protected by the Croatian law, which means IT IS FORBIDEN TO DISTURB OR KILL these animals or devastate their habitat.


Dolphins are wild animals. Your appearance may disturb them, so please, if you see dolphins:

- move slowly and do not change your speed or direction suddenly
- do not drive directly towards them but parallel with the direction of their movement
- do not approach them but wait to see if they want to approach you
- only one vessel should be in the range of 100 m, and maximum of three vessels in the range of 300 m around dolphins
- observe the dolphins for a maximum of 30 minutes
- leave the meeting place slowly
- do not feed the animals, and do not try to swim with them – they are wild animals and can weigh up to 300 kg

Croatian marine mammals project contact:
Assistant professor Tomislav Gomerčić, PhD –, tel: +385 959022610
Assistant professor Martina Đuras, PhD –

Ivica Sindičić, PhD – android app
Ivan Pašić – spatial database and map
Tomislav Gomerčić, PhD – idea
Ivor Prebeg - iOS app
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