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Rabbit is a mammal, belonging to the hare family.
These animals are not only bred for meat and furs, but also kept at home as decorative pets.
The rabbit has an oval body and large ears up to 10 cm long.
Rabbits have large and powerful hind legs.
Thanks to the hind legs, the rabbit can jump to a height of 1-2 meters.
The rabbit's fur is long and soft.
In the course of evolution, rabbits got the role of animal victims, who have many enemies.
Rabbit can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h, that helps to escape from predators.
In case of danger, rabbits drum on the ground with their hind legs, warning the relatives about the threat.
Being caught, the rabbit uses its weapon – lashes of powerful hind legs and painful bites of sharp teeth.
The eyes of the rabbits are arranged so that they can see what is happening from behind, without turning their heads.
In the wild nature the life span of rabbits does not exceed 4 years.
Decorative rabbits live at home for up to 10 years.
The rabbit is often confused with the hare.
Rabbits are born naked and blind, and bunnies are born sighted and covered with hair.
Rabbits live in groups, and hares are typical solitary.
In fairy tales, a rabbit usually appears as a cunning hero, and a hare - as an embodiment of shyness.

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Enjoy this free live wallpaper!
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