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But adhering to the principle of moderation, you can discover the taste of traditional dishes.
- Goulash - not as sharp as Hungarian.
- "Knee" - pork knuckle in beer.
- Various meat and liver pates.
- Dumplings - boiled dough with stuffing.
- Onion soup - is considered a French dish, but is borrowed by the Czechs.

An interesting feature of Czech dishes - their complex pronunciation in sauce native language - too many consonant letters go in a row. For example:
1) Trdlo. This recipes is a collection of recipes for the game of the dessert tube.
2) Drshtkova. Very tasty soup from ottyhah.
3) Pstrug. Baked river trout.
However, if you do not try slivovitsy with a strength of 70 chesk mova degrees, then the decoys for game are easy to repeat.
Snacks recipes refueling for borscht garnishes recipes from game to Czech beer - this is a separate theme of recipes of Czech cuisine. It's no exaggeration to say sauces and beef gravy that the national food is cooked mainly for the sake of what was to eat than. Of the most popular:
- recipes masim meat fried cheese in breaded;
- Toast with grease;
- hermelin - pressed with meat recipes onions and spices cottage cheese;
- about the kitchen tatarak - beef steak from the chopped list of recipes minced meat game recipes of soups or salmon, with a raw yolk on top. It looks unusual, but if you carefully follow the recipe, the taste will be decent.
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