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… and chat, text, message, tweet, post, tag, comment, SMS, email, and emoji.

For old hands, Dextr offers one of the sleekest QWERTY layouts around, with all the features and functions you've come to expect.

But for everyone else, we've got something even better:
DEXTR'S SECRET WEAPON – The world's first and only fingertip-friendly, alphabetically-ordered keyboard – that really is AS EASY AS ABC!

It just makes perfect sense. So even if you're just starting on your very first smartphone, you'll find Dextr's revolutionary "Easy ABC" layout the quickest and easiest way to text – ever! You'll be breaking your own speed records within minutes.

Dextr's Easy ABC layout arranges everything alphabetically – So you know exactly where every letter is before you start. In fact, there's barely any learning curve at all.
We’ve even highlighted and aligned the vowels into one column – the most common letters are now the easiest to find!

Dextr makes texting a breeze – it's been specially designed for even the clumsiest fingers and thumbs.
* The buttons are fingertip-sized and fingertip-shaped
* And they’re spaced one finger-width apart
* So you’ll never hit the wrong key again
* With adaptable layouts for all texting styles – one finger, one thumb, two thumbs… even one-handed
* We also have special layouts for left-handers!

Create words and phrases more efficiently than ever, with our powerful, intuitive text suggestions. Our lab tests prove it's much, much smarter, offering:
·  way more suggestions,
·  much better predictions,
·  more accurate corrections, and
·  faster at learning your writing style
than all the other popular keyboard apps out there. So don't waste your time and energy with them. You'll save more time, more energy, and get way more done – with lots more fun – when you text with Dextr.

Plus! Dextr gives you:
·  Choice of QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ or Easy ABC layouts
·  Dozens of finger-friendly adjustments to suit your own unique texting technique, or the device you're using
·  Hundreds and hundreds of fun emojis to choose from
·  Even more function keys – including a handy back arrow
·  A fun and challenging game to make you even faster
·  Your very own text pad to jot down and keep ideas, or share them via any app.
·  Downloadable dictionaries for the following languages
·  English: English US & UK
·  Spanish: Español ES & AL
·  French: Français FR & CE
·  Portuguese: Português PT & BR
·  German: Deutsch
·  Italian: Italiano
·  Indonesian: Bahasa Indonesia
·  Malaysian: Bahasa Melayu
·  Polish: Polski
·  Filipino: Tagalog
·  Turkish: Türkçe
·  Vietnamese: Tiếng Việt
·  Hausa
With more dictionaries coming very soon!

So install Dextr today – you'll notice the difference in speed, accuracy and simplicity within minutes. You'll be glad you did.

To learn more about how a simple keyboard can change your life, visit our website at:

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Privacy Policy
We take your privacy very seriously. Dextr Alphabetic Keyboard does not track your keystrokes and we will never, ever learn your password or collect or send your private data, without your express permission. Dextr also provides a Private Mode option which prevents the keyboard from learning new words that aren't in your dictionary.
The warning message you see upon installation that says
Dextr Keyboard may be able to collect "all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers." This is a standard Android message. This same message pops up when you activate any third-party keyboard application. So you will see this message for every other keyboard app as well.

For more on our privacy policy, visit:
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