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 Digitizer 2: numbers and numerical puzzles 1.1.4


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Digitizer puzzle game – it’s 3 game modes and a huge number of intellectual training levels. You search for a hidden number and collect bonuses in the meantime. Will you be able to make in to level 100 and find all the numbers on the field?

Explore an unfamiliar environment with numbers, symbols, operations and nothing redundant.

Add, subtract, multiply, insert the missing numbers to achieve the necessary result. Entertain beneficially!

A unique level generator will not leave you without another portion of puzzles; achievements and collectibles will help to rate your progress. At first time puzzle solving will not seem difficult. But as the field expands and the chains length increases it becomes harder and more fascinating to guess the numbers. We are always ready to give you a hand and point out the required the numbers, and you will only have to guess them.


The numbers are places on the square field. Find all the numbers, listed on the bottom of the screen, by highlighting ones standing nearby. If you are confused and can’t see the numbers, you can turn to tips that will let you know what to begin with. The difficulty increases with each level as well as the interest of searching for numbers.

There are 3 modes:

“For the little ones”. A number is a sequence of figures. Find all the required number on the square field to fill it completely. At first it seems quite basic, but the field expands more and more.

“To ease in”: A number is a result of all highlighted numbers being multiplied. You have to recall hot to factorize a number.

“For the smartest”: A number is result subsequent operations on figures. Besides multiplying they add, subtract, and even divide depending on the connection direction. Warning, that racks your brain!

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