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DIY wall decorating ideas for your home. You can save and share all diy wall decorating pictures. This application shows you the galleries of beautiful DIY wall decoration ideas, designs, painting for your home, room or apartment. You can get a hundred ideas of wall decorations from this application. This app. contains the various types of ideas such as :
- large, small, medium
- shelves, wood, metal, sticker, art, painting, crafts, hanging
- for apartments, living room, bedroom, bathroom.
- modern, classic, contemporary
and more.

We're here to help you to find some inspiration for your wall art.
we'll explain the basic principles of the arrangement of wall art for your home.

1. balance

If you're going to adjust the composition of wall art, the first thing to think about is the principle of balance. This means is a visual balance settings. Take a look fields where wall art will be installed. Imagine overall. Do not let bias, meaning install wall art with evenly across the field.

2. dominance

Size does matter! Note the size of wall art. If included in the super large size you may need to install it as a single object in the broad field of wall space. Reduce the effect of "super large" it by putting it around the interior elements are too large, for example on a sofa double. Wall art is a dark, coarse-textured or oddly shaped will appear to dominate, as well as a brightly colored wall art such as bright red or another bright color.

3. Composition

If you have some wall art that you want to install on the wall in different sizes, we recommend you try mengkomposisikannya first. During this interior designers tend to install wall art in an odd number, three, five, seven and so on. Play around with wall art on the floor. Put this one here, who put it there. The exchange rate and so on. Use your intuition. If it already looks comfortable on the eyes, it means you've got the composition you want.

4. The common thread

Some wall art that is placed simultaneously is certainly going to be more interesting if there is a common thread that connects the wall art with each other. Choose a picture that has a theme, or have the same color dominance, the same scene or the same material. Alternatively, maybe you can install wall art that has a storyline

5. Rhythm

Like the music, the rhythm will determine the beauty of a composition. In this installation of wall art, rhythm may be obtained from the game spacing (distance between wall art), the size or shape of wall art. This rhythm will usually be able to determine the mood of the composition of the wall art. Could mean mood flat, wavy, energetic or calm. When you install the wall art in the spacing and the same size, the mood you get is tranquility. Meanwhile, if you set the rhythm by playing small and large sizes, vertical and horizontal, then the mood of your space will become more dynamic.

6. Focal point

The tendency of people look at is first fixed on one of the most dominant object in space. Take advantage of this trend by starting your composition of wall art that is most dominant. If the dominant wall art is already installed, then you can put the other wall art wall art around this dominant. This will make you more unified composition.

7. Negative Space

Alternative towing another concern is creating negative space. Note the color of your interior walls. In principle, you have to install wall art that have a high degree of color contrast to the plane wall art wall where it will be installed. If you tend to be dark colors of the walls, install wall art that has a bright color domination, and vice versa.

8. proportion

The proportion of creating a balance. Some people tend to judge that the proportion related to size. This is not entirely true. The proportion associated with taste and comfort in seeing a composition, how the wall art which one appears to merge with the other wall art
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