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Did you hear a good song when you were dreaming? Were you ever told a phone number in a dream? Do you believe your dreams have a significant meaning? These thoughts can be forever lost moments after awakening. The Dreams Alarm Clock will help you to recall these moments. At the set time the app will prompt you with a series of beeps followed by a “Tell me your dreams.” audio message. Your awakening statements are then recorded. The app can be set to fully wake you up with a series of beeps or it can be set to allow you to fall back to sleep. Your awakening statements can be played back at a later time.

Do you have problems sleeping? Perhaps you have Sleep Apnea. A Snore Monitoring feature was provided. It does not send any awakening beeps or messages. It records your sleeping vocalizations at the set time for about one minute. This recording can be attached to an Email and sent to your doctor.

Technical Details:

The current time is that of your device. The alarm time is set with a “Setter Wheel”. The “Alarm Switch” to must be OFF to save the wake up time. This feature keeps you from accidentally changing the alarm setting as you silence the alarm in the morning. The alarm switch must be turned ON to alarm and to activate the regular and snore monitoring features. Options are available for recording a message followed by awakening beeps and recording a wake up message only.

The Snore Monitor remains quiet while recording. It records about a one minute sound bite.

Options are available for LOUD and NORMAL sounds. The loud option sets the beep and voice sounds to a maximum. The notification sound is set to zero. The NORMAL setting sets all of the sounds to three quarters level. If no option is selected your original sound settings remain unchanged. If LOUD is selected the device's sounds are set to NORMAL upon exit.

This app requires a little power while in operation. The power management of this app keeps your device active while the Alarm Screen is up. The apps screen must be up for operation. Connect your device to its charger for longer idle times. Closing or minimizing the app resets your device’s screen savers and power management timeouts to normal.

This app requires the use of your device’s microphone and internal memory. These devices should be set opened upon the initial download. If the app fails to record or states “Unfortunately, Dreams Alarm Clock has stopped” go to: “Settings (the Gear) \ Apps \ Dreams Alarm Clock \ Permissions”, and set the Microphone and Internal Storage to ON. If you are no longer using this app you may want to set the microphone to OFF.

Your privacy is protected. This app does not transmit your dreams information anywhere. The recording is stored at the local memory location “Settings \ Storage and USB \ Apps \ Dreams Alarm Clock”. Your apps recording can be viewed and deleted from that location.

The Dreams Alarm Clock is minimized after its installation and upon a return from the Help Screen. This was done to insure that the app properly goes through its startup sequence. Click the app to call it up.

Thank you for your purchase. I hope the Dreams Alarm Clock works well on your device and that it suits your needs.

Frank Znidarsic"
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