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Welcome to the most advanced air combat game of 2017. Drone strike war is the blend of air combat, machines or humans and robots or drone plane simulator. In this plane simulator you are given a gunship that can fire unlimited missiles, shoot unlimited bullets and drop barrel bombs on enemy. This gunship simulator is actually a plane type machine that flies over the horizon and destroy enemy’s bases. Yes! This is a drone simulator. This drone simulator flies like airplane or stealth helicopter. This is total death machine designed for your fun and enjoyment. Fly over the enemy’s base and wreck their weaponry with lethal firepower and deadly bombs. Fly the supersonic jet built on breathtaking aerodynamic physics. In an epic environment with very beautifully detailed surroundings the graphics live the life of a jet fighter pilot. It’s time to put your plane flying instincts and battle and air combat reflexes to put to some use. Enjoy the futuristic drone or futuristic Aircraft Carrier Simulator. Experience the line of duty roll with this fun app download now.
In this drone blast simulator you get to kill the enemy troupers and veterans, you have to destroy enemy’s tanks and battleships. Unleash hell from sky on earth and show the enemy that they cannot take over your homeland while you breathe. These enemy warships are designed to take down fastest of planes in a matter of seconds. Stealth is the key! You have to be quick with your survive and attack strategy. Take cover behind tall buildings and weave in midair to defend your Aircraft against enemy’s attack. Be careful and stay alert in the war zone and watch out for surprise attacks. If you get attacked, or you land on great speed or crash your hovercraft in the building then your mission will ultimately fail. Work hard and play hard on the battle field and earn honor against the high and mighty ranks of Jet Fighters.
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    25. 10. 2017 2017-10-25

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