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Not only are people able to unleash wars - sometimes in hot fights among themselves come our little brothers! In this game you will take part in large-scale wars between armies ... worms! Choose a team, a set of weapons, a location - and rush into battle! This exciting turn-based strategy demonstrates that even the smallest creatures can be elite soldiers!

The plot in this game is not, and hardly it needs it! Setting is quite simple: armies of amusing worms are constantly fighting among themselves. In doing so, they are using quite a real weapon, only many times reduced. A pistol, a shotgun, a bazooka, an assault rifle, a rifle, grenades, anti-personnel mines, Molotov cocktails, knives and spears are all your small soldiers can use in combat. The battles take place in the most usual locations in our world - on a dining table, in the middle of a city street, on a ship in a bottle, on tree branches and in other ordinary places. Charge your weapons and rush into battle!

The game starts with two or more teams. In each there are several worms (the number of them in the team you define yourself). Fights are turn-based, that is, each your fighter can perform only one attacking action, after which the move goes to the opponent, and then to your other fighter, and so on in a circle. The task is simple - to destroy all the worms of enemy teams. Before each move, you can choose the weapon that you will use. You can shoot at an opponent or hit him, you can install explosives, or you can use a rope or shovel to get into a hard-to-reach place. Do not think only of attack! In no case must we forget about the defense of our fighters, so take care that they do not stand on the line of fire after your turn! Only skillful strategic actions will allow you to win battles between invertebrate warriors!

Show that size is by no means the most important combat characteristic!
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