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 Easy DIY Plant Stand 7.1


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This project has been on our to-do list forever. You know those projects? The ones that you mean to do but you just keep putting off for one reason or another? this application will share you how to make this DIY plant stand that’s so easy even a novice woodworker can tackle it. And now we kind of want to make them for all of our indoor pots. What can we say? we’ve always been into too much of a good thing.


   1″ dowel
   3/4″ dowel
   1/4″ wood pegs
   wood glue
   drill with 3/4″ bit and 1/4″ bit
   miter saw
   table saw

Make Time: 30 Minutes (Plus Drying Time)

Step 1: Cut your dowels to the appropriate length. The 1″ dowel will create the vertical bars, so cut four of them as tall as you would like. The ¾” dowel will create the crossbars underneath your pot. Cut two of these, each ½” longer than the width of your pot.

Step 2: Decide where you would like your pot to sit on the vertical bars. Measure and mark the distance from the end of each bar and drill a ¾” hole on each section of vertical bar. This hole should only be drilled ⅛” into the dowel. Within this shallow hole, drill a ¼” hole another ¼” into the dowel.

Step 3: Use a ¼” drill bit to drill a hole on either end of each crossbar.

Step 4: Measure and mark the center point on both crossbars. Set your table saw to 3/8″ height. Using a table saw to notch out ¾” of wood (⅜” on either side of your center mark).

Step 5: Apply a dab of wood glue to the holes in two vertical bars. Also apply wood glue to the holes on the ends of one crossbar and insert pegs into these holes. Then insert the crossbar into the holes in the two vertical bars, ensuring that the notch in the crossbar is oriented in the right direction.

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