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 Easy Scientific Calculator 1.1.5


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Tired of seeing copies of pocket calculators for your smartphone? Blocks Calculator is designed to take full advantage of the touchscreen!

With the easy to grasp concept of blocks, no need to remove or re-enter anything!
If you made a mistake or want to change something at the beginning of the formula, you can drop an operation directly on a block. And if you need to reuse a result or a part of a previous formula, simply drag it and it will get copied!

The sheet presentation lets you perform computations creatively.
The sheet can be freely zoomed and scrolled, so there is plenty of space to place multiple formulas and drag blocks between them. You won't need to browse the calculator history to see previous results.

An unprecedented memory feature
With the concept of blocks, you do not have to use M+ or M- keys to store results. Simply drag the value you want to save in the dedicated storage area - or even drag and store any bit of formula that you might reuse!

Define variables and functions
Would like to try different values on the math or physics problem you're working on? Define variables and functions with anything in them. Modify the values of the variables, hit equal, and everything updates!

Support of most useful calculators features
• full fractions
• scientific and engineer notations
• enter value in degrees and display result in degrees
• computations in complex numbers
• trigonometry functions
• physics constants

Extensive appearance customization
Choose from one of the in-app buyable themes! Furthermore, all these themes are customizable to make sure to match your preferences.
These themes are paid to help with the advertising costs of the app. Thanks for your support :)
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