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 Easy WiFi Portable 1.0

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Easy Portable Wi-Fi 2017
Because of Sharing is Caring, this is perfect wifi portable soft for you!

The one of its kind Free Wi-Fi Hotspot application with light weight data storage that can broadcast Wi-Fi and share Wi-Fi from your phone securely and simply without any hassle. Share Your wireless internet with Wi-Fi hotspot tethering. With this advance Portable Wi-Fi you can easily turn on your tethering & portable hotspot easily and improve your sharing experience of internet. It’s an easy and fast way to share your mobile data plan with other devices easily without having to go through multiple different settings.

How this app can help you?
Enter SSID:
To share the data plan wirelessly with the devices in vicinity you can enter the network id so that the devices can be connected to it easily and efficiently.
Enter Password for protection
You need to enter network password with which you want to get connected, the method is super easy and helpful to utilize the network with all device in the vicinity.
As soon as a device is connected with the network the app notifies you immediately that a new device is added to the network. Now you can enjoy your internet sharing free app.
This is extremely portable and super easy to use.
Share Free Wi-Fi with many people without password.
Activate your Wi-Fi to use across multiple devices
Share Free network with your friends and family:
Type your Wi-Fi name.
Choose your security modes: WP2 or WPA.
Set the password for basic security.
Click save button to complete the process.
Activate your Wi-Fi to get started.

All the cellular companies charge extra for data plans for your smartphone data plan for tethering or hotspot usage. But with Portable Wi-Fi, you can easily connect to the Wi-Fi internet via other Wi-Fi -enabled devices through your mobile data carrier plan without paying more.
Easily Scan and search free Wi-Fi around you and connect Wi-Fi easily with only one click without paying more for your data plan. Portable Wi-Fi enables you to easily share the existing data plan with all the mobile devices easily.
Share Wi-Fi:
This app lets you easily share the Wi-Fi with all the devices in vicinity. Wi-Fi connection is always free.
Safe Wi-Fi
Portable Wi-Fi hotspot provides trusted Wi-Fi service and protect your Wi-Fi safety.
Easy and Fast
Connect Wi-Fi and share Wi-Fi easily, with just one click. All Wi-Fi password are shared with trusted devices, and the availability is automatically detected by Portable Wi-Fi.
Portable Wi-Fi offers you nearby free Wi-Fi, including free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi passwords shared by others. Portable Wi-Fi can detect free Wi-Fi automatically and easily without any hassle and most importantly without any extra charges. Portable Wi-Fi is an extremely useful Wi-Fi tool whenever and wherever you need it. Let say you you want to share pictures or something funny with friends or use your social media presence when you are not at home. Portable Wi-Fi is your best and foremost choice, which provide safe Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi connection.
What else it offers: Moreover, Portable Wi-Fi can also share Wi-Fi and manage your Wi-Fi network. This app will help you scan and search Wi-Fi, connect Wi-Fi and share Wi-Fi, and it can enhance the Wi-Fi performance.
This Portable Wi-Fi is the simplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone connected while on the go no matter where you need it, and keep you from poor and unsecure networks and moreover other networks that might want to get into your device and might affect the way it should work. This is a 100% FREE Portable Wi-Fi App.
What are you waiting for? Install this Ultimate WiFi auto network solution for your phone.
If you have any kind suggestions, pleases feel free to contact us and help us make this app better and better.
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