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The egoTeach suite of educational games is inspired by research in cognitive and educational science, and combines the psychology of development, motivation, and learning. In these games, children of any age actively probe and update their literacy and numeracy knowledge with the support of immediate and personalized feedback. As they learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and the alphabet and spelling of over 1,000 common words, children are treated as budding scientists: actively creating hypotheses in their minds and testing them through their actions. At first, guided only by their intuitions, their hypotheses will often be wrong, but through immediate and interpretable feedback, they can be led to learn concepts of increasing complexity.

Using an adaptive AI engine shared across games, the egoTeach suite of games intelligently adapts the sequence of material given to the student. The AI continuously probes the student’s knowledge in the games, re-prioritizing content based on correct and incorrect responses to subtly personalize the content and game difficulty for each child. The games are designed to be learned via active exploration—trial-and-error, as in science—and are directly built upon the underlying concepts of math and literacy we are trying to teach.

These games were created in a collaboration of cognitive scientists and designers working towards a solution for an ongoing global shortage of primary school teachers, and are part of an official entry in the Global Learning XPRIZE.
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