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 Engineering Math 2 5.3


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Engineering mathematics (also called Mathematical Engineering) is a branch of applied mathematics concerning mathematical methods and techniques that are typically used in engineering and industry. With this App the learning is made easy. The app brings the notes of mathematics in engineering.
The Topics are like flash cards which is extremely easy to go to the topics and specially at the time of exams and interviews for faster revisions or quick glances on the subject.
The app covers 70 topics of Maths 2 in detail. These 70 topics are divided in 5 units.
Some of topics Covered in this application are:
1. Ordinary Differential Equation
2. Problems on Differential Equation
3. Method of Variation of Parameter
4. Cauchy's Homogeneous Linear Equation
5. Problems on Euler's Equation
6. Legendre Linear Equation
7. Linear Equation with Constant Coefficients
8. Inverse Differential Operator and Particular Integral
9. Special Form of X in Differential Equation
10. Problems on Special Form of X in Differential Equation
11. Method of Undetermined Coefficients
12. Problems on Method of Undetermined Coefficients
13. Simultaneous Differential Equations
14. Solution of Initial and Boundary Value Function
15. Additional Problems on Differential Equations
16. Second Order ODE with Variable Coefficients
17. Problems on Frobenius Series Solution
18. Bessel Equation
19. Bessel function of Second Kind
20. Properties of Bessel Function
21. Properties of Legendre Polynomials
22. Orthogonality of Legendre Polynomials
23. Laplace Transform
24. Laplace Transforms of Standard Function
25. Problems on Laplace Transformation
26. Laplace Transformation on Integral Function
27. Problems Laplace Transformation on Integral Function
28. Laplace Transform of Periodic Function
29. Problems on Laplace Transformation on Periodic Function
30. Inverse Laplace Transforms
31. Properties of Inverse Laplace Transform
32. Problems on Inverse Laplace Transform
33. Laplace Transforms of Unit Step Function
34. Laplace Transforms of Unit Impulse Function
35. Problems on Laplace Transforms of Unit Step Function
36. Dirac Delta Generalized Function
37. Convolution Theorem
38. Problems on Convolution Theorem
39. Laplace Transforms of the Derivatives
40. Solution of Linear Differential equations
41. Problems on Solution of Linear Differential Equations
42. Problems on Solution of Simultaneous Differential Equation
43. Fourier Series
44. Convergence of Fourier Series
45. Integration of Fourier Series
46. Periodic Functions
47. Period of Multiple Function
48. Fourier Coefficients
49. Confirming the Fourier Coefficient Formulas
50. Properties of the Fourier Series
51. Euler Method
52. Partial Differentiation
53. General Interval
54. Half Range Fourier Series
55. Even and Odd Function
56. Fourier Series of Functions with Arbitrary Periods
57. Trigonometric Polynomials
58. Inverse Fourier Transforms
59. Theorem on Inverse Fourier Transform
60. Hyperbolic Equation with Constant Coefficients
61. Parabolic and Elliptic Equation with Constant Coefficients
62. Orthogonal Function of Fourier Series
63. Method of Separation of Variables For PDE
64. Wave Equation
65. Laplace's Equation
66. Heat Conduction Equation
67. Transmission Line Equations
68. Parsevals Identities
69. Heisenberg's Inequaity
70. Problems on Application of Partial Differential Equation
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Wish you a very Happy Learning.
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