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ERRIC.org is an international and multilingual online search and find platform. Everyone has the opportunity to register important - and at times even crucial - information for free. Information that can help you and others in case of emergency or loss.

ERRIC stands for Emergency Rescue Retrieval Information Code. In short: a code that helps you save people or retrieve belongings.

ERRIC helps you protect what you care about the most:

Yourself and your wellbeing
Is there any important medical information you wish to share in case of an emergency? Simply upload it to the ERRIC database. This data will inform caregivers about your condition, ensuring you receive the proper medical care. It will also enable them to keep your contacts informed about your state. Of course, your data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality (read more here about our privacy & confidentiality measures).

People you love
CHILDREN. Even the most watchful parent or grandparent can lose sight of a child. Thanks to ERRIC you will be swiftly reunited. ERRIC links your child’s ERRIC code to you. This will enable anyone who comes across your son or daughter to quickly get in touch with you.
PEOPLE IN NEED OF SPECIAL CARE. Some children, adults or elderly persons require a bit more extra care than others. They might not be articulate enough to voice their concerns, which could potentially endanger a difficult situation even more. Luckily, ERRIC can provide the information they are unable to communicate.

Pets you care about
Your pets are members of your family. At ERRIC, we understand. ERRIC links your pet’s ERRIC code to you. This will help you bring your dearest Molly or Mr. Mittens back home in no time.

Valuable belongings
STUFF YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE. Your favourite handbag. Your treasured coat. Your baby’s comfort blanket. Some items are utterly irreplaceable due to their sentimental value. Link them to you on the ERRIC platform and you will soon be reunited with one simple mouse click.

And this all around the world, in over 50 languages!
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